How to look good in the rain

Six rainwear essentials to invest in now

Whether you are cycling to work, walking the forest, or just having a day in town, here we show you the wet-weather pieces to add to your wardrobe, so you always look stylish when it's wet.

Rainwear is a tricky thing. By its very nature, its typically very unstylish and tricky clothing to pull off, no matter how stylish you are. But wherever you live, you will need it at some point, so unless you love sporting that drenched look, you need to embrace rainwear. Thankfully brands have upped their game and are producing cooler gear that you won’t mind wearing. So, without further ado, we’ve rounded up the key essential pieces to add to your wardrobe to stay dry when it chucks it down.

Technical jacket

Staying dry doesn’t have to be technical. The key to finding the right jacket is to consider how waterproof it is, and whether it can breathe. Prioritise features such as sealed seams and elasticated cuffs, which will help keep water out and heat in, as well as hardy fabrics like nylon-ripstop.


If you’re going to spend any time out in the wet weather, you need a pair of sturdy leather or waterproof boots.  Rubber soles will work best as they don’t absorb the water and don’t slip like leather. If you go for leather, then the upper leather should be oily or waxy so that the rain runs off. But bear in mind if you are on the bike and in torrential rain in leather boots, you will get tide marks, and they will not stand up to all the water like a pair of waterproof boots.


A mac never goes out of style, as it’s a classic wardrobe staple that every man should own. It’s about as timeless as the winter coat so if you don’t own one, add it to the cart now. The most redeeming feature of the long-length coat is that it can be worn come rain or shine, it is durable, yet lightweight and provides breathable, wind, and some waterproof qualities that will save you in a rain shower.


If all this rainwear is sounding a bit too much for you, then you can always revert to the good old umbrella to keep you dry. Bearing in mind, this won’t work for hiking in the forest or when cycling, but if your daily commute is simply getting off public transport, or walking from your car to the office, then this waterproof gadget will do you just fine. Going for a parachute-sized canopy is not practical, not to mention the people’s eyes you will take out down the street. Choose an umbrella with the appearance in mind. Go for either a bold colour or a classic black or tartan will be subtle and stylish.

Weatherproof sneakers

Just because it’s raining, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear sneakers, just switch to a pair that has some weatherproofing instead. Wipe-clean leather and technical materials like waterproof Gore-Tex stand the most chance of survival in the wet weather and the added heel height in a high-top sneaker can also help to keep the water out.

Minimalist raincoat

While this type of raincoat isn’t any good for scaling mountains it is good at keeping you dry with its rubberized, waterproof, no-frills qualities. Lightweight, packable, and always looks good, this style of jacket is a great way to combine function with style. With pockets to keep your valuables dry and if you invest in one with a hood you won’t need an umbrella.

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