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Resorb cocktails, salty gnocchi and anti-chafe sticks … We’ve talked race-prep and training motivation with a trail runner, a just for fun-runner and a marathon runner.

Frida Zetterström, 45, 
just for fun-runner:

“I really hated running …
… until about five years ago. I was assigned to host ‘Konditionspodden’ – a podcast about training – and about a year in I was challenged to run a half marathon with a microphone in my hand. So, I kind of just had to start running. I completed the half marathon and if it was socially acceptable, I would wear that medal as a permanent piece of jewelry!”

“I’m a classic periodic runner …
… and my training comes and goes in waves depending on mood and circumstances. I work as a freelance stylist and podcast host and my life is irregular – the running follows the same pattern. On average I run twice a week, divided between some periods when I hardly run at all and others when I run every day. For example, I always make sure to run in the morning before a big day on stage or in front of the camera. My brain functions a lot better after a run.”

”For me, running is a free zone …
… more about the experience than the result. I see every race a motivation to train and the taking part is the goal. It’s very liberating to not be prestigious about running, since I constantly get evaluated in my job and I can be quite hard on myself when it comes to my own performance.”

”A common mistake …
… is to forget to hydrate with plenty of fluids before the actual race. If you’re not too keen on sports drinks, I recommend a cocktail of two Resorb and a vitamin C tablet in a liter of water. I always try to get a lot of sleep in before a race, at least seven hours. Another good preparation tip is to thoroughly think through the stages of the race day. How are you getting to the race? Where will you park? Take out the clothes you plan to wear, plan for the packing and choose your bag.”

”I get cold quite easily …
… and I like to run in leggings even in the summer – preferably with some mild compression and reflector details. When it comes to shoes, I really like my Asics GT 2000 9, but I have tried and liked a lot of different models from Asics. I feel they fit my feet and my style of running. On top, I like a light running jacket over my vest and sports bra. The jacket can preferably have some light reinforcement at the front and good breathability on the back. Like Odlos Jacket Run Easy. Also, Odlos running gilet is a favorite. I always wear a hat, or a head band and I like big headphones that cover my ears.”

”You have to make your running mind up …
… BEFORE you check the weather. In other words, make some sort of running plan and stick to it! It doesn’t matter if it’s a plan for the whole season, until the next race or just for a week. Plan for how to train and when, and just do it. You will never regret a run.” 

Three songs that make me run faster:

Jubël – ”Someone”
Håkan Hellström & Otto Knows – ”Din Tid Kommer”
Kygo & Whitney Huston – “Higher Love”

Jenny Hedborn, 35, trail runner:

”I haven’t always enjoyed running …
… but I have always enjoyed movement and spending time in the woods – with my family but also on the back of a horse. When I moved away from home and into a student accommodation, I didn’t have the same access to horses and I spent a lot of time just sitting around. That’s when running became a big part of my everyday life again. All you need is a pair of shoes!” 

”The forest is my happy place …
… and it gives me an inner peace I have trouble finding anywhere else. It’s like meditation whilst moving, I’d say. All you need to focus on is where to place your feed. But I do love running up a muddy hill, too! “

”The biggest challenge with trail running …
… is probably not to fall? But getting all those endorphins and woods are worth all bruises and wounds in the world. For me personally, the downhill running is the most challenging bit. To run fast downhill forces you to be quite technical, especially when it comes to speed and trusting yourself to put your feet right. But trail running is so much more! You don’t have to run hundreds of miles on various height levels in all kinds of weather. To get to the forest at your own pace, just focusing on one step at the time … it’s simply the best.”

”Before a race, I prep with …
… a lot of energy drinks, ha-ha! Besides that, I’m just excited and happy. I like to listen to music, but I try to not to get too much into my own head and thoughts. It’s much more fun to share the excitement with all the other runners. Once you are on the starting line you do wonder why you are about to put yourself through this again! Luckily, all that is forgotten once you are off.”

”If I’m about to run a long distance, I eat …
… a lot the night before. You’re not always up for eating much on race day. Before the 40K race Skogmaran one year I only ate a really sad halloumi salad. I do not recommend that to anyone. These days I eat rich food like pasta or maybe pizza the day before. Gnocchi is favorite – you must be generous with the salt! Your body will thank you when you start sweating. I am not a vegetarian, but I rarely eat meat and never before a race. It makes me heavy and unbalanced. I do love sweets and like to top up with those too.” 

”I run my best in …
… a pair of shoes from Asics, they have a good grip and are comfortable at the same time. On asphalt I like Asics too. In the wintertime I like to layer up and to add sleeves for my arms and compression socks. When it’s cold outside I prefer windblock tights rather than normal winter running trousers. If I’m running long distance and need an extra layer, hydration and extra energy, I bring my running rug sack.”

”The best thing about trail run …
… is the closeness to nature and the here and now-existence. It doesn’t matter if you are angry, sad, happy or tired. It always helps to run and to gather your thoughts. I often feel a great sense of gratefulness when running there on the trail. The forest is open to anyone! How beautiful is that?” 

Three songs that make me run faster:

Sage The Gemini – ”Tick Tick Boom”
Thomas Stenström – ”Hej Hallå”
Ricky Desktop – “The Banjo Beat pt 1”

Love Henriksson, 37, 
marathon runner:

“My dad ran a lot during my childhood …
… and I have very clear memories of him returning home after a run, all energetic and glowing. I have always had a very positive view on running but it took me a very long time to get started myself.”

”I started to train for a half marathon during spring 2016 …
… but after I completed the race, I felt ‘Never again!’ and quit running. But for some strange reason I started to train for the same half marathon again the year after. Same thing happened. After running the half marathon for the third time I decided to sign up for Berlin Marathon. It took place four month later and it motivated me to keep training. When it comes down to it, I think I was just curious about what would happen if I kept running a tiiiiny bit more? So I ran a bit longer. And even longer. That particular question got me running 100 K races, but I still don’t have the answer.”

”Everyone can run a marathon …
… and I mean EVERYONE! But you can do it in different ways. The first time you do it you should not have a specific time goal, just aim for getting to the finish line. I also think it would be good to have done at least 30 K in one go before. During the race, stop at the hydration stations, high five kids along the course and try to enjoy the adventure. It’s also important to keep motivated during all the practice leading up to the race. My aim is to make 80 percent of my training sessions in a slow pace. The other 20 percent should be tougher interval training.”

”Planning is key …
… to avoid unnecessary stress on race day. Plan what clothes and shoes to wear a few days a head, and how to get to the starting line and home from the finish line. The only thing on you mind when the race is about to start should be ‘Let’s do this, I have trained well and I am prepared, let’s just get the job done!’. I always try to think that this is hard work because I chose to do it, this is what I want to do.”

”When it comes to clothes …
… the only important thing for me is that they don’t chafe – unfortunately you normally discover this when it’s too late! A good tip is to get a proper anti-chafe stick that prevents chafing. It’s also important for me to log all my training in my running watch, for analyzing sessions and progress.” 

“Running makes me feel …
… better in so many ways. I have more energy, I eat better, and I sleep better. For me, running is necessary to be able to balance family- and work life. It’s my opportunity to think straight, plan a head and analyze things that have happened. It really is as they say, running is cheaper than therapy.”

Three songs that makes me run faster:

Frank Ocean – “Lost”
Kanye West – “Lord I Need You”
The Beatles – ”Something”

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