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3 produktów
  • Didriksons
    TIGRIS GS SET 360 zł
    116-122 146-152 158-164 164-172
  • Didriksons
    VIVID GS JACKET 480 zł
    146-152 158-164
  • Didriksons
    VIVID BS JACKET 480 zł
    128-134 140
Didriksons has a simple philosophy: they don’t challenge the elements, they adapt to them. Just like Julius and Hanna Didrikson did in 1913 when they began producing workwear for the fishermen in Grundsund, on the edge of Sweden’s western coast. For over a hundred years Didriksons has been faithful to our basic principles. Making clothing with a timeless, classic design that works over the long term regardless of the weather.