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  • Ida Sjöstedt
    Giovanna dress
    295 €
    34 36 38 40 42 44
    295 €
  • Notes du Nord
    Deena Dress
    470 €
    34 36 40 42
    470 €
  • French Connection
    159.25 €
    Rec. price 245 €
    143.33 € with EXTRA10
    S M L
    159.25 €
    Rocio, 1446 Viscose with sequins
    350 €
    XS S M L XL
    350 €
  • Dante6
    Allure dress
    199 €
    34 36 38 40 42
    199 €
  • Second Female
    Lifa Dress
    156 € 195 €
    140.40 € with EXTRA10
    XS S M L
    156 € 195 €
  • Esprit Collection
    Dresses knitted
    75 € 80 €
    Rec. price 100 €
    67.50 € with EXTRA10
    M XL XXL
    75 € 80 €
    Celina, 1379 Printed Sequin
    262.50 € 350 €
    236.25 € with EXTRA10
    XS M
    262.50 € 350 €
  • Résumé BUYERS' PICK
    LorinnaRS Dress
    157.50 €
    Rec. price 210 €
    141.75 € with EXTRA10
    34 36
    157.50 €
  • GANT
    209.25 € 223.20 €
    Rec. price 279 €
    188.33 € with EXTRA10
    209.25 € 223.20 €
  • French Connection
    189 € 270 €
    170.10 € with EXTRA10
    189 € 270 €
  • Twist & Tango
    Pernilla Sequin Dress
    109.45 €
    Rec. price 199 €
    98.51 € with EXTRA10
    109.45 €
  • Becksöndergaard
    Glitrio Holiday Dress
    114.95 €
    Rec. price 209 €
    103.46 € with EXTRA10
    114.95 €
  • French Connection
    120 € 747.66 €
    Rec. price 240 €
    120 € 747.66 €
  • Vero Moda
    25 €
    Rec. price 49.99 €
    22.50 € with EXTRA10
    25 €
  • 2NDDAY
    2ND Edition Goldie
    269.50 €
    Rec. price 490 €
    242.55 € with EXTRA10
    269.50 €

Sequin dresses for the party

Few things say glitter and glam like a nice sequin dress. At Boozt you’ll find a wide range of glittery sequin dresses in different colors, shapes, and styles. Discover the latest trends from best-selling Scandinavian and international brands. Look around and find your perfect dress.

Find your sequin dresses at

Dresses with sequins are a real fashion statement. Ready to be the star of the party? Then you should go for a real sequin dress. We have sequin dresses for all kinds of occasions. Whether you’re looking for glittery prom dresses, Christmas dresses, a stylish New Year's dress, or a bulletproof party dress to the cocktail shindig. Going to prom or a fancy event? Choose a long maxi dress covered in sequins from top to bottom. We have both wide dresses and slim-fit mermaid silhouettes. Going to a fun party? Opt for a short, black sequin dress with high heels. We’ve got several mini dresses in different colors and models with an irresistible 70s disco vibe. No matter which style you choose - short, maxi, silver, gold, open back, or long sleeves, the most important thing is that you find a dress that feels good and suits you. We also have dresses in plus sizes up to XXL. Sequins carry an air of luxury and glamour, but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. With us, you’ll also find cheap dresses of good quality. Look around and shop your online favorites today.

Stylish dresses with sequins

Dresses with sequins are always a safe bet for the party. Dare to be a little extra and revel in colors, odd cuts, and sequins. Do you want a long-sleeved dress or narrow shoulder straps? High neckline or open back? Our short sequin dresses are tailored for long nights on the dance floor. Opt for a grey silver dress with long sleeves and small sequins, or a tight, black sequin dress with a deep neckline. A slim-fit dress with an open back will give you a real showstopper entrance. Our sequin dresses are just as suitable for proms as cocktail parties, holidays, and wild shindigs. Fill up your party wardrobe with dainty cocktail dresses, glittery prom dresses, and New Year's dresses in silver and gold. This is where you’ll find your New Year's clothes and party outfits for the coming seasons. Take the step even further and choose a fun color, why not a blue party dress, green sequin dress, or fancy gold dress? You can never have too many sequin dresses or party clothes. Fill your entire wardrobe with glitter and glam!

Dance the night away in silver sequins

Girl’s night out requires lots of sequins. Own the dance floor in a short sequin dress with cool platform sneakers. Gather the whole girl gang and match each other with different sequin dresses. Choose a black sequin dress with an open back for a flirty look, or go full-on catwalk diva in a short silver champagne sequin dress. Match the sequins with fun accessories in blue, purple, beige, and black. Does the dress feel too tight? Break it off with a caftan or stylish blazer. Dresses with sequins give you that special feeling. A feeling of luxury, celebration, and sparkly magic. Go Sex & the City for the night, drink fancy cocktails, and spill sequins all over the dance floor. At Boozt, you’ll find the latest trends at a good price. Sort through our selection of sequin dresses and pick the dress that suits you. When you order clothes at Boozt, you always get fast delivery and easy returns.

Take care of your sequin dress

Dresses with sequins are delicate fashion items that should be cared for with extra love and tenderness. Since sequins can easily fall off, you should take gentle care of your sequin dresses. We suggest that you hand wash your sequin dresses with a gentle detergent. This way the fabric won’t tear and your dresses will last much longer. If you still choose the washing machine, pick a gentle program with a maximum of 30 degrees. Avoid tumble drying and let your sequin dresses air dry instead. Most clothes will do good on a hanger, but when it comes to dresses with sequins, it is usually better to fold and put them in the closet right away. Why? The heavy sequins can easily stretch your dress so that it loses its fit, and we don’t want that. A sequin dress is a timeless party gem that deserves to experience many parties ahead.

Choose the right accessories

Sequin dresses don’t need lots of accessories. A pair of stylish shoes, some jewellery, and a neat bag will put together your look. Did you go for a golden dress? Break it off with red lips and a clutch bag in a fun color. A stylish silver dress is best matched with simple jewellery and high-heeled shoes in the same color. Fully monochrome looks, ie gold with gold and silver with silver, is a simple and fashionable way to tie your look together. This fits especially well if you’ve chosen a Gatsby dress with a knee-length silhouette. To complete your Gatsby look, you can put your hair up and decorate it with fine hair accessories, add some dark lipstick and slim stiletto heels. A black sequin dress can be matched with all kinds of colors. Why not break it off with a pair of blue or purple shoes, preferably high heels! Are you more of a fashion rebel? Contrast your sequin dress with a pair of white sneakers. You’re guaranteed to be the last one left on the dance floor. Look through our products and brands, get inspired, and order your favorites today. Don’t forget to join our newsletter and get information about offers and new, incoming sequin dresses. Let the party begin, happy shopping!

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