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No matter if you're going on a city break to London, Paris or Barcelona, or a long vacation to someplace where you can live on the beach for weeks, having the right suitcase will make your trip a lot better in many different ways. Which suitcase you should choose depends on which style you're looking for, the items you're planning to bring, your destination, the duration of your trip, and whether or not you're the type who can't pack without overdoing it, no matter how hard you try. Browse through our selection of suitcases in different sizes, materials and styles, and find the right suitcase for your next trip.

Should I pick a soft case or hard case model?

This depends on which items you're bringing, and how much you're bringing. Both hard case suitcases and soft case suitcases have their own specific advantages. The hard case models are typically made of durable materials, such as polypropylene and metal. This means, that the hard case suitcases protect items that risk breaking when your luggage is thrown around in the airport luggage claim, or by you when you're in a hurry. When visiting a charming town or a museum in a big city, it can be hard to resist buying a kitschy souvenir cup, a small replica of that dinosaur skull, or a teapot with Franz Kafka's silhouette. If you pick a hard case suitcase you won't have to worry about your treasures getting damaged during transport. Another great thing about hard shell suitcases is that they're super easy to clean with a damp cloth and that they'll withstand a sudden rainshower a bit better than a soft model unless you choose one in a waterproof material.

The soft case models, also known as softshell or soft side suitcases don't provide the same kind of protection for the items you're travelling with, since they're usually made of fabric. There are still several good reasons to choose a soft side suitcase, especially if you're planning on packing a lot of different outfits - you need many options to make those Instagram stories shine! If you're packing pretty much your entire wardrobe for the autumn trip to Rome or Paris, a soft case suitcase will be the safest option. It's easier to squeeze that last dress or top into a suitcase made of a flexible material, and a soft case suitcase is usually lighter than a hard case model, meaning that you can pack more before you reach the airline's max limit. 

A suitcase for your hand luggage 

If you need a suitcase for your hand luggage you must figure out exactly which rules the airline you're flying with has. The hand luggage size requirements are a combination of weight and dimensions. According to IATA (International Air Transport Association), your hand luggage can't exceed the following dimensions: height 55 cm, width 25 cm and depth 25 cm, including the handles, wheels, external pockets etc. These limits can vary from airline to airline, so don't forget to do a little research before you pick your suitcase or travel bag. In our selection, you’ll find many smaller suitcases and travel bags that are perfect for your hand luggage, and they come in a wide variety of designs, materials and colours. Explore brands such as Samsonite, Eastpak and American Tourister, and pick a suitcase that matches your personal style. 

Before you buy your new suitcase

If you're not quite sure which suitcase to pick, you can get closer by considering the following points:

Which kinds of trips will you be using your suitcase for? 

If you're going on a business trip you might need a suitcase with a compartment for your laptop or other electronic devices. Opt for a classic black hard case suitcase with 2 wheels that roll smoothly, even when you're running fast in high heels from the airport to the cab. 

If you're really only going to hang around on the beach or by the pool in your bikini with a colourful cocktail, you can pick a smaller, soft model in a bright colour that will get your mood in vacay-mode even before the plane takes off.

Are you travelling with kids? 

If you're travelling with kids and would like to be able to pack all your clothes in the same suitcase, go for a large model with 4 wheels that's easy to manoeuvre through a crowded airport while holding on to both the kids, multiple teddy bears and a half-eaten chocolate bar. You can also let the kids have their own small suitcase for important toys, their favourite T-shirt and very secret secrets. Take a look at our suitcases and travel bags for kids here.

Suitcases from popular brands

In our selection of suitcases, you'll find models from brands that are famous for making high-quality suitcases, travel bags and other bags for women, men and kids. When it comes to suitcases, Samsonite, Eastpak and Amerian Tourister are some of the most popular choices, but if you want something a little different, you can also pick and choose a wide range of other brands such as Herschel and Adidas Golf. Are you looking for a cheap suitcase? Take a look at our category SALE. This is where we've gathered all current offers on suitcases, trolleys and other bags from popular brands. Happy shopping!

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